Which road to take?


Wow! What a week it’s been, I have had so much time on my hands being out sick with double pink eye :0. This year by far compared to any prior years of teaching has been the most difficult time. With all the demands in education you aren’t getting the support that is needed from administration and when you do you are getting blamed for things that are not in your control. It is a sad state the road education is taking. Which leads me to my question what road do I take in May?  Do I stay in education, what state should I try for? Leave education? Go back to school for something else.

At the beginning of this year I applied for an interim certificate to teach in Idaho. I received the certificate and now just need to land a job up there. That’s the state I want to give a shot for. The scenery is amazing and their ranking in Education is a lot higher than AZ being 51, it’s very disappointing.  The only thing I would have to work on is changing my certificate to a standard by August 2020 which I am sure I can cover that as well I have to take the Praxis test, which should be no problem there and having that test behind me will allow me to teach anywhere that test is required.

Based on my thoughts I feel I’m going to go with Idaho and see where it leads me  next year :).

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